Chenfeng Group Co., Ltd.
Chenfeng achieves FLA accreditation of its labor compliance program 2016-08-11
Chenfeng pays high attention to workers’ benefits and cares about their health 2016-08-11
Chenfeng cares about the disabled 2016-08-11
Chenfeng invites a professor from HKPU to offer textile fabric training for employees 2016-08-11
Chenfeng appearances in CHIC 2015 and displays fabric with the topic of “intelligent manufacturing” 2016-08-11
Chenfeng buys up Jiangsu Fanjia Linen factory to enhance company’s competitive strength in the supply chain 2016-08-11
Jintan Public Security Bureau gives legal and security education to workers in Chenfeng 2016-08-11
Changzhou “Angel Volunteers” gives gratuitous treatment to workers in Chenfeng 2016-08-11
Blinkgallery ——Chenfeng’s brand opens up in Jintan 2016-08-11
The First Trade Union Member Representative Conference holds in Chenfeng(Kunshan) Factory 2016-08-06
Chenfeng Hosts FLA Purchasing Practice Forum 2016-08-06
The new website, welcome new and old customers to visit! 2014-04-15
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