Chenfeng Group Co., Ltd.

The predecessor of Chenfneg Fajia Linen Textile Co., Ltd. is Jiangsu Fanjia Linen Textile Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1957. The company owns advanced rapier looms of Dornir and other countries, has complete set of production line, independent sewage treatment center, and high R&D capacity of samples. The company mainly engages in producing linen and various linen interlacing and yarn-dyed gray fabrics and high-grade fabrics, with the annual output of 10 million meters.

As core subsidiary of Chenfeng Group, Changshu Chenfeng Fanjia Linen Textile Co., Ltd. strives to be the most competitive linen textile factory in the world.

Yarn show room Fabric show room
Dyeing workshop Dyeing and finishing workshop
Weaving workshop  
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